"Since being treated by Dr. Dushkin for anxiety, my anxiety has lessened dramatically, enabling me to 'have my life back'. Making the decisions to seek treatment with Dr. Dushkin was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thanks so much!"
      Nancy, 40-year-old photographer



"I have had excellent results with Dr. Dushkin's treatment for my depression. I have had no side effects with the Homeopathic medications like I did with other prescription drugs. Dr. Dushkin is a thoughtful, caring physician who is an integral member of my health care team."
      Marcia, 52-year-old banker


"Dr. Dushkin, thank you so much! Matthew has become less hyperactive and his concentration is so much better since he started the Homeopathic treatment. Now he can sit still so we can read together. I am so pleased with the results!"
      Lisa, mother of 7-year-old Matthew who was diagnosed with ADHD


"After 11 months of recurring ear infections in my 5 year old son Ryan, I decided to try Homeopathy. He has now been free of these for over a year. I am so grateful to Dr. Dushkin and Homeopathy."
Ryan’s mom


"I’m so glad I can play sports again without needing my asthma inhaler!"
      Karen, 14-year-old soccer player


"I want to be a poster child for Homeopathy! Under Dr. Dushkin’s care, my incapacitating menstrual cramps are gone. I am free of them. It’s incredible!"
      Carol, 41-year-old theater manager


"My health has greatly improved! I’m truly impressed by Homeopathy and enthusiastically refer patients to Dr. Dushkin."
      Michelle, a 41-year-old physician