Commonly Asked Questions


What is Alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine is an approach to medical care that focuses on treating the whole person – physical, emotional, and spiritual. It encourages the patient to participate in their own healing. More than a specific technique, it is a philosophy that encompasses a variety of healing modalities including Homeopathy.

Many people seek Alternative and Homeopathic approaches because conventional medicine has not worked for them. Their positive experiences, word-of mouth, and other success stories have fueled the strong and growing demand for these treatments in the US and around the world.


What is Homeopathy?

For over 200 years, this European-based medical specialty has recognized that there is an innate inner healing system inside of each individual which can stimulate health when properly activated. Homeopathy was discovered and formulated by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Germany. He did extensive medical research on what symptoms different natural medicines would create in people who were healthy. He then went on to prove that these same medicines would heal those same symptoms in people who were ill.


Why do people use Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is used in countries all over the world. In England nearly half of physicians refer patients to Homeopathic physicians. In France, about one out of every three physicians prescribes Homeopathic medicine for their patients. The main reason people seek Homeopathic Care is that they are not getting better with conventional medical care. Other reasons include the desire to get off regular medications, the fact that the Homeopathic medicines are natural as well as FDA-approved, the desire to be treated as a whole person, and they know people whose health greatly improved with Homeopathy.

Are the Homeopathic medicines safe?

Yes, these FDA-approved medicines are extremely safe for people of all ages, when they are used correctly. Homeopathic physicians are trained to select the proper medicines and to explain the guidelines for their appropriate uses.


Are the medicines expensive?

Fortunately, Homeopathic medicines are relatively inexpensive. Typically a patient will spend less than $20/month.


Do I need to stop seeing my regular doctor?

Not at all. Your doctor(s) have information, test results, and other relevant expertise that may continue to help you in conjunction with the Alternative and Homeopathic treatments.


Is Dr. Dushkin a primary care doctor?

Dr. Dushkin is an Alternative and Homeopathic medicine consultant. He is not a replacement for a primary care doctor, he encourages everyone to have a primary care doctor.


Will I need to stop taking my medications?

It depends on your individual set of circumstances. You may need to continue taking your medicines. As your healing program progresses, you may need less or no medication. This will be monitored in conjunction with your other doctor(s).


Will insurance cover my appointments?

There are many different insurance policies. It is best to discuss this when you call the office.

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