1/24/2020 5 Star Review on Yelp.

Robin N.

Yaphank, NY

As a premenopausal woman, I had host of weird symptoms that were likely related to a hormonal imbalance.  I was moody, spacey, having trouble focusing and was clearly not myself.  My OB/GYN had no explanation.  My internist ordered an MRI that found nothing and that was all she had to offer.  But Dr. Dushkin worked miracles and brought me back to my younger self.  I could not recommend him more highly!

You have to be patient with the process and understand that homeopathy does not work the same way as conventional medicine.  It is also possible that it may take some time for Dr. Dushkin to find the right remedy.  But he is an amazingly caring and committed physician who will make himself available throughout the process and stick with it until he finds the right remedy for you.  It’s also reassuring to know that Dr. Dushkin has an MD.  So he has the training of a regular medical doctor, but uses tools that most American doctors do not have.

If you have an issue that has not been able to be resolved by conventional medicine…or if you are reluctant to treat your issue with pharmaceuticals, give Dr. Dushkin a try.  He has helped me to live a much fuller, more productive, healthier life!  And I am ever grateful for his help.

Robin N.

Yaphank, NY

Manhattan, NY

Dr. Dushkin is a miracle maker.  I had been suffering from sleep issues, chronic fatigue and gastrointestinal issues for years…  and now I feel great.  I was recommended to Dr. Dushkin from my mother’s primary doctor who is a patient of Dr. Dushkin.  I found it impressive that another MD would recommend a “competitor” and completely different alternative medical modality to me.  After my continued success under his treatment, my whole family (and extended family members) became patients of Dr. Dushkin.  I am always surprised at how effective his treatment is for us.  If I could summarize Dr. Dushkin’s healing strategy, I’d explain it as a combination of listening carefully to each patient’s needs/goals and developing a course of treatment based on the unique physiological and psychological characteristics that are affecting the patient.  I believe that Dr. Dushkin’s method is effective because he keeps track of a patient’s changes and healing process (by having the patient check in with him routinely).  Dr. Dushkin has a great energy… He is very intelligent and just speaking with him will give you a sense of calm and feeling that there will be a positive outcome through his treatment.  I highly recommend him!

Fukasa-Kai N.

Manhattan, NY


Dr Dushkin is awesome. Ive had an undiagnosed chronic illness for over three years, and seen at least fifteen “regular” doctors who all turned their backs and said they couldn’t help me anymore. When I saw Dr Dushkin I realized how limited western medicine is. When the doctors couldn’t test for an answer, their ability to help me further diminished to zero. Dr dushkin can actually THINK, he will get to know you deeply, and take his time to figure out what can possibly help you- and if you are willing to work with him and trust him, he will not give up.
This is a different medical experience than you can have anywhere else, where you will form a genuine relationship with your doctor and find holistic mind body healing without encouraging chemicals/big pharma but also without judgements about your lifestyle choices. I don’t know how homeopathy works and I was very apprehensive at first, but extremely desperate for help (it is expensive for the first visit) but let me tell you health is worth the money and it DOES WORK with patience trust and time. I’ve noticed major improvements in my symptoms (100% relief from every day chronic migraines among other things) WITHOUT TAKING ANY PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS! I was miserable and taking migraine medicine daily. Now we are working on balancing other symptoms.
Homeopathy rules. Heals you in the right ways, naturally. And once a medicine helps your body heal, you don’t need to keep taking it!! What a concept huh? Dr D is great!

Camille  R,  Manhattan

“I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Dushkin. I have been receiving homeopathic treatment from him for several years now and the difference between when I first met with him and now is vast. I went to him after suffering from a number of mental and physical symptoms. I was referred to him by a family member and while I was skeptical of homeopathy in the beginning, I was at a point of desperation to get better. Western medicine was not helping me, as every doctor I would see either could not figure out what was wrong or would just treat the symptoms, which created more side effects. Within a week or so of receiving my first remedy ,years ago, I started to feel better and everyone around me noticed a difference. He has cured chronic pain that I figured I would always suffer from. He has helped me to heal from many other things I have suffered from as well. Aside from his amazing homeopathic treatment/CURES, he is really wise and often shares some profound wisdom during a session that has stuck with me and changed the way I view my life and the world, which I really enjoy. I 100% recommend seeing him! I have already referred several family members and friends to him and he has changed their lives as well.”
Tasha J.

“Since being treated by Dr. Dushkin for anxiety, my anxiety has lessened dramatically, enabling me to ‘have my life back’. Making the decisions to seek treatment with Dr. Dushkin was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thanks so much!”
Nancy, 40-year-old photographer

“I have had excellent results with Dr. Dushkin’s treatment for my depression. I have had no side effects with the Homeopathic medications like I did with other prescription drugs. Dr. Dushkin is a thoughtful, caring physician who is an integral member of my health care team.”
Marcia, 52-year-old banker

“Dr. Dushkin, thank you so much! Matthew has become less hyperactive and his concentration is so much better since he started the Homeopathic treatment. Now he can sit still so we can read together. I am so pleased with the results!”
Lisa, mother of 7-year-old Matthew who was diagnosed with ADHD

“After 11 months of recurring ear infections in my 5 year old son Ryan, I decided to try Homeopathy. He has now been free of these for over a year. I am so grateful to Dr. Dushkin and Homeopathy.”
Ryan’s mom

“I’m so glad I can play sports again without needing my asthma inhaler!”
Karen, 14-year-old soccer player

“I want to be a poster child for Homeopathy! Under Dr. Dushkin’s care, my incapacitating menstrual cramps are gone. I am free of them. It’s incredible!”
Carol, 41-year-old theater manager

“My health has greatly improved! I’m truly impressed by Homeopathy and enthusiastically refer patients to Dr. Dushkin.”
Michelle, a 41-year-old physician